The Importance Of Project Management In The Construction Industry

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Construction industry is one of the most important industry to a country’s economy development and productivity. Like many other American industries, the construction industry is being transformed to meet the new demand of the 21st century global economic development. This paper will analysis how resource allocation can impact a project management in construction industry and how can project manager use resource allocation to improve the project efficiency. 2. Construction Industry introduction Construction is a process that sets up a portable plant like airports, buildings, dams, roads and tunnels, power plants, municipal treatment plants, pipelines, etc. It is a Large, heavy and expensive project that Required over a wide geographical area with Custom tailored to fit the specific requirement. It is an improvement of the infrastructure of the economy. The construction projects like road, highway, railroad, airports etc. can boost the economic by increasing business cooperation from different regions.…show more content…
Without proper time management, many problems will occur such as extension of time or time overrun. Some of the researchers describe time overrun as delay and some of them describe that the time overrun is an effect from the construction delay, no matter what it was described, time over-run become the most general problem in construction industry worldwide. Time over-run occurs when the actual progress of a construction project is slower than the planned was scheduled. Delay or time overrun will affect all parties involved in the project. It will affect the profits which would be obtained if the project can be completed on the schedule. But due to the time overrun, contractors had to spend more money on labor, plant and may lose the opportunity to get the next project. Hence, effective time management is very important and crucial to achieve successful completion of construction projects. (Memon, A. H.,

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