Configuration Control In Construction Engineering

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Configuration control is a useful document that guides the construction engineers in delivering the final product that meet the client requirements and specifications; and that they are built according to approved design documentation. Configuration control consists of certain techniques, competences, and relevant structural tools, which enable the engineers to ensure the consistency of the design and physical properties, requirements, and functional features. Configuration control necessary for a complex design is significant. Consequently, this paper seeks to outline and assess the importance of configuration control when constructing a building or assembling a product. Document controls is an important aspect in the construction industry…show more content…
Being concerned with the providing access to a general historical documentation and configuration control is important for both project management and auditing purposes, ensuring the development of activities including redesigning, such as knowing what has been modified among set of design and what could possibly be causing a significant fault in the design (Canepari,…show more content…
The configuration control represents how the equipment and material, assemblies and sub-assemblies are linked together to form a final product based on the engineer's projection of the physical layout and its phases of production or basing on functional requirements (Baldwin, 2012). The configuration control is significant in the process of developing a design and ensuring that engineers are having access to it. This is because the process will ensure that the documents stay safe, maintained and are available when needed by the engineers. Document control ensures that all the information related to a given project such as basis of design, financial records, procurement records, personnel records as well as maintenance of records that is done during the document control plan. In conclusion, it is very important for construction engineers to have configuration control. The need to control change in construction industry is inevitable to ensure the maintenance of the utility of the large data-sets, which illustrate complex engineering documentation that is used before and during the implantation of a project. However, the process is complex and needs to be done with caution to capture real data to avoid information that might mislead the progress of

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