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Forensic Science Career Forensic science plays a fundamental role in the criminal justice structure. It is known that every career route has its own ins and outs. A career in the field of forensic science is not an exception. Forensic science is the supplement of science to law. It has become extremely popular among law students nowadays. Everyone has its own grounds to be engaged in this profession. Nowadays there is a wide variety of TV series inspiring young minds to take up career of Forensic Scientist. For instance, How to get away with murder, Castle, Bones or CSI. Having watched these and other closely related TV series one can get a better view of how the daily life of a forensic science technician is arranged. To begin with, why education is so essential for a forensic science graduate. Forensic Science job has a technical bias. That`s why you need at least a bachelor degree to be successful. However, if you want to develop oneself in this career, it is high time you did a doctoral degree and additional training, which will start after you begin to work. Education is of paramount importance for ambitious forensic technicians. Without profound knowledge in biochemistry, chemistry, psychology, biology and criminal justice, you will not be able to solve even the…show more content…
Here your search field is expanded. You are welcome to consider such vacancies as special agent, food technologist, research scientist, food scientist, clinical microbiologist, immunologist, marine scientist, veterinary nurse, pharmacologist, crystallographer, nanoscientist, ballistic expert, computer forensics, crime scene investigator, criminalist, fingerprint analyst, process/development chemist, quality assurance manager, physicist, soil scientist, research chemist, clinical cytogeneticist, clinical research officer, meteorologist, community/retail pharmacist. There are several dozens of them. So be prepared to the situation when it's more you’re your eyes can take

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