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Mother tongue or first Language First language is the language through which the child makes acquaintance with everything to come into contact with the society. It is often the mother tongue of the child. Learning of mother tongue takes place in very natural way and through proper imitation and exposition. The language skills listening and speaking are learnt at home and then child is sent to school for learning other skills such as reading and writing. Regional language is learnt by birth. But the process of second language which is known as foreign tongue learning is quite different. Learning of foreign tongue is an artificial process. Language Acquisition According to Wilaga M. Rivers while acquiring their mother tongue the children are…show more content…
When there is overlapping of two codes then say interference had occurred (Interference is possible if the languages involved are related in some areas). She says interference can be as a result of incomplete acquisition. Interference can occur when a bilingual starts to use the two languages he has acquired separately. And that interference can take place only at a boundary of the languages common to each other. In conclusion, since mother tongue interference is not voluntary as other features of bilingualism or multilingualism are, it is then not grammatical and a deviation not a variation of any language in which it occurs. Interference is a deviation from the norms.…show more content…
However, vocabulary is very important in learning second language and the students have a small number of vocabulary items of second language. They do concentrate to acquire vocabulary items of second language, the teachers also don’t give more attention on vocabulary. The learners have a lot number of vocabulary items of mother tongue, that’s why. When the learners learn second language and use vocabulary items of second language, at that time, vocabulary items of their mother tongue interferes. Learners are not motivated for speaking and learning second language. No much more time given to the learner by the teacher for speaking. In the class room the teachers mostly use grammar translation during teaching. Teachers do not do any activities on skills in second language. This is also a reason of interference. Learners are unable to pronounce the words of second language because lack of experts and native speakers teach them. When the learners pronounce the words of second language, their accent is not according to the second language speakers because their vocal cards are unable to pronounce in language

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