The Importance Of Movies In Movies

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I love watching movies,possessing a close affinity with the operation of that virtual world. For me, watching movies is not only a way of entertainment or temporary escape from reality. I endeavor to discover the beauty of details in the movie. The interweaving of light and shadow and the echo of beautiful melody unavoidably stimulate my admiration of the masterpiece.Thus, I always hold a dream to make a movie by myself, and that's where my plans get sparked. Making my own movie was not a reckless decision .I believe its meaning lies in the commemoration of our school life, the authentication of my abilities, and the most significant, the realization of my ideas. I made up my mind almost in a moment, without any worries of the barriers in…show more content…
As a leader, I was well aware of my liability that I should give all my teammates a precise orientation. Therefore, I called in some of my best friends who also have a passion for the movie and elaborated my plan to them. Instead of simply recording the school events or exhibiting the daily life, I strove to show something worth meditating: by referring to some classical movies, I finally opted for the werewolf as the theme, in order to unveil the innermost cruelty of humans. This novel and challenging idea immediately motivated all the members' interest and we embarked on our work without any hesitation. However, we all underestimated the arduousness of making a movie, especially for a group of unprofessional…show more content…
We congregated at night and made full use of every minute to deliberate how to make an excellent shot. During the weekends, we walked from one street to another and search every corner in order to find the optimal position for shooting. I also watched the weather forecast everyday , waiting for the precious moment of the bluster of thunder. When the darkness descended, I walked inside the claustrophobic buildings alone to stimulate the inner fear of humans.All of these couldn't impede our process, and I held great confidence that the difficulties would become the best way to facilitate our success. However, due to the lack of experience and the limitation of location and equipment, sometimes the shooting was forced to stop. We argued, or even quarreled about how to figure out the problem. For instance, in my original script, there should be a fantasy fighting scene. After several shootings, we found the actual effect was far below our expectation. Most of my crew suggested me to cut it off but I insisted on my previous plan. It was really unacceptable for me to revise my original plan because I thought I was the leader and I have the right to follow my own ideas. We ended up postponing the shot for a few weeks and waited for an agreement.But I could clearly felt the displeasure among us, which led me to a deep introspection. The status of

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