The Importance Of Climate Change

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Climate is an active factor in physical environment (Critchfield, 1983). Climate is defined as the statistical properties of atmospheric variable, including temperature, precipitation and wind. Thus, climate change can be defined as a change in any statistical property of the atmosphere, such as change in mean temperature (Aguado et al., 2010). Climate change has significant impacts on the global environment and human society (Yamane et al., 2013). It is necessary to predict and understand global climate change as it is doubtlessly the single most pressing environmental issue of the world in the 21st century (Rasheed, 2008). In order to predict these changes in climate in the future, we need to comprehensively understand the history of climate…show more content…
The expansion of low density, automobile centric communities in cities throughout the world is widely recognized as a major driver of local environmental change and degradation, as well as having implications for global green house emissions forcing (Leichenko,R.M., and Solecki, W.D., 2013). Srivant et al (2011) argues that urban climate is a critical factor which effects regional and global climate and consequently urban livability. So the relationship between urban area and climate change is a reciprocal relationship. Climate change will deteriorate standard of living of residents of urban areas and increasing commercial development, increasing demand of housing and increasing number of automobiles will change global climate (Wong,…show more content…
We focuses on daily mean temperature as Micheal Q.U., (2014) argue that daily mean temperature is generally used as a universal measurement for climate change. Moreover the present study tries to show decade wise change of annual and seasonal temperature to understand and predict climate change in Dhaka city. 2. Data and Methodology For this study, surface meteorological data are collected from two secondary sources: • Seasonal temperature data from a research conducted by Y. Yamane, M. Kiguchi, T. Terao and F. Murata. They tried to identify climatic variability of Dhaka city by using 3 hourly daily temperature data from 1953 to 2008. Temperature data of 1974 were not available. • For 2009 and 2010, temperature data are provided by Bangladesh Meteorological Department. ( BMD has one weather station in Dhaka city near Agargaon [23°46’49.25’’N 90°23’42.65’’E]) • Normal Maximum Temperature, Normal Minimum Temperature and Normal Mean Temperature data are collected from BMD. The present study has used the methodologies used by Yamane and (2013). These methods were used for the temperature data of 2009 and 2010. The methods are as

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