Persuasive Essay: The Impact Of Climate Change

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Climate Change Climate change is huge issue right now in the United states and globally I believe. Honestly the climate change in my view is not that too concerning because people are concerned on saving the human race rather than wondering where they are going to go when they die. In this circumstance I will say that due to the climate change is man made because in the article by (Kalmus, Peter) said that burning fossil fuels is emitting Carbon dioxide into the air. Also in the documentary (The World Set Free in the Cosmos series Neil deGrasse Tyson) tells us that the earth breathes which helps regulates the Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. With all the man made power plants being built and emitting carbon dioxide the earth and plants…show more content…
Throughout society people have invented items that promote a environmental friendly item. For example we have invented electric cars that run off battery and engine for backup. This helps with the pollution of carbon dioxide that is being emitted by cars. One way we can stop the climate is by converting cars to electric, with solar panels on the roof of the car that would charge the batteries. It energy gained from the sun would supply ¾ energy to the “daytime battery” for driving during the day and the ¼ of energy to the “nighttime” batteries for night time driving. These cars would be fully electric and eliminate pollution partially. Another example would be to use renewable energy. I don’t know how to convert waste into energy but let's use that energy to run power plants and big machine factories that need coal or fossil fuels. In a good effect it would eliminate the trash build up. As said in the article by (Tamara Thompson) the renewable energy industry is more labor-intensive. This means that, on average, more jobs are created for each unit of electricity generated from renewable sources than from fossil fuels.” This helps the economy by lowering the unemployment rate down, but does not help with the nation's

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