Analyzing Katie's Argument Against Global Climate Change

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In my speech class, we had to prepare a speech over a debated issue. This was a group project, and because I work well with my friend Katie, we were paired together. What we did not anticipate was that our speech was to be over global warming. I agree with the science behind global climate change and believe it to be an issue that needs to be taken seriously, but Katie does not. Katie believes that we are experiencing a natural cycle of climate change, and that we are not accelerating it. The first point of discussion was which stance we should take, since there were two ways we could go about delivering our speech. I said that we needed to deliver the facts to our class and tell them how to stop global climate change. However, Katie did not take too well to this idea because the facts that she has been exposed do not prove that global climate change is a pressing issue. The facts that she knows tell her that we are in part of a naturally occurring cycle that is not caused nor sped up by us, and that everything will go back to normal with the continuation of the cycle.…show more content…
We were a level too deep. The way I thought about it was that there are three levels of knowing about something. The first level is knowing the concept, or in this case, that global warming is a topic of discussion, but not necessarily knowing what it is. The second level is knowing the facts about that topic, or knowing what global warming is and why some people are concerned about it. The third level is having an opinion, or using those facts to decide whether one is concerned about global warming or not. We were on the third level and trying to write a speech on the third level. But, since we hold different beliefs about what should be done about global warming, we were unable to write a speech worth presenting to the class on the third

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