Essay About Conflict Experience

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II. Desciption of the Situation Here is the description about the conflict experience, which is the true story that I experienced myself. : (Note : Every name of the person in this conflict experience is kept secret and using pseudonym to maintain their privacy) Conflict Experience I have a good friend that I have known very well in my life. For the last 2,5 years, I have been especially close. You often find yourself saying the same things to one another. A few months ago, i noticed that she was becoming more distant when you spoke. It seems now that she is constantly busy, although she often says she would like to get together. You saw her a week ago at a friend’s wedding. Although you had some time to chat, she interrupted you frequently and often derailed the conversation by speaking to someone else. When i asked her about her behavior, she said it was because she was very upset waiting for you to explode and didn’t want to provoke you. The two of you have arranged to have lunch next week. B. Who was involved? (Sociology: The Science of Human Organization. Chicago: Nelson-Hall, 1985, pp. 31-34, The people who were involved in this conflict are me…show more content…
It was stressful because i have to split my mind to find the lost gift and finding the right bus at the same time. Frustration feelings is occurs also because it was the first time that I go abroad alone and didn’t really know about the place. Sadness feelings is occurs because i realized that i break the trust and promised to my friend. I’m also didn’t exactly know the gift that have been actually given to me. Kinds of feelings that arouse in the conflict also tense. There are no communication and each of us are feeling disappointed and upset. The thing that I could do about that is I have to find the gift and apologize to
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