Divorce In The Philippines Essay

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Divorce as an Option Marriage is considered as a sacred union between a man and a woman wherein the couple tries to maintain it with their love, protection, and care for one another. However in reality, it is a fact that not all marriages succeed as a permanent union. No matter how traditional and religious the Philippines may be, there are many failed unhappy marriages. Thus, to escape from their unhappy marriages, Filipino couples consider two different remedies: annulment and legal separation. . One of these two remedies is annulment, which is the declaration of a marriage as void or null, meaning the marriage never really happened (“Sacramento County”). Another remedy is legal separation, which is more similar to divorce. The rights on finance, custody, and spousal maintenance order are similar to divorce except for the fact that the couple is still married to each other and cannot remarry (“Minesota Judicial Branch”). However for several years, many Filipinos, dissatisfied with the current remedies, have urged for legalization of…show more content…
However, divorce is not something new to Filipinos. Divorce had been practiced in the Philippines before. Starting from 1917 until 1950, during the American and the Japanese occupations, divorce was widely practiced in the Philippines, under Act No. 2710 and under Executive Order No. 141, respectively. Not only this but also in the beginning of the 16th century before the Spanish colonial rule, divorce was widely practiced among ancestral tribes such as the Tagbanwas of Palawan, the Gadangs of Nueva Vizcaya, the Sagadans and Igorots of the Cordilleras, and the Manobos, B’laans and Moslems of the Visayas and Mindanao islands. However on August 30, 1950, divorce was no longer allowed in the Philippines when the New Civil Code took effect which supported the need to protect the sanctity of marriage

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