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I grew up in Indonesia, a popular investment destination in Southeast Asia with real estate as one of the fastest growing sectors. To respond the variety of consumers’ demands for various functional buildings, developers in Indonesia build commercial purposes such as shopping arcades and hotels; residential purposes such as landed houses and apartments or buildings intended for long-term investments. Seeing my country's development motivated me to choose architecture as my undergraduate major because it is directly related to the built environment - the human-made space, in which people live, work and recreate on a day-to-day basis. Since the real estate's door is wide open, I decided to pick this major as my future profession. By doing so, I can contribute my skills and knowledge to build my country as well…show more content…
When I got into the professional stage, I had a chance to involve in a commercial project of an apartment and office building. I was assigned to negotiate with a client and perform the feasibility study to suggest design innovations which would be the response to current and future urban condition. Nevertheless, when referring to the design, the investor was more concerned about maximizing the GFA (Gross Floor Area) to get the highest profit rather than considering the environmental impact on the society. From this experience, I learn that architecture and economic aspects in the real estate industry have an inseparable correlation. It makes me realize that to build a property which is suitable for the client and environment, a property developer should also carefully consider its economic

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