The Importance Of Modern Architecture

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“In the conflict that obtains between the two elements of construction, solidity and open space, everything seems to show that the principle of free spaces will prevail, that the palaces and houses of the future will be flooded with air and light” (Reinach). The title of the exhibition “Modern International Style: Recognized” speaks for itself, as do the Architectural works exhibited. However, it is as though curiosity is dutiful, and question for recognition and discernment is necessary in design. The birth era of the International Style was the 1920’s and 30’s. It was baptized “International Style” by architects Henry-Russell Hitchcock and Philip Johnson in the accompanying catalog for the exhibition “Modern Architecture: International Exhibition”…show more content…
The exhibition of the five works was purposeful in placing Villa Savoye at the center, implying automatically a sense of derivation of the rest of the buildings from Le Corbusier’s founding principles. The Lovell House designed by Richard Neutra has nobility in its respect for Le Corbusier’s genius understanding of what Modern Architecture should be, as well as its initiative to shift the movement of spaces common to Le Corbusier and Loos. Belonging to the International Style, the characteristics are of course similar: Structured by a series of overlapping planes of a rationalized aesthetic very close to Villa Savoye’s, and appearing unified and weightless through cantilever construction pillared by the pilotis. Neutra’s architecture is redolent of Le Corbusier’s style and aesthetic. He follows the tendency to incorporate ribbon windows in a more expansive manner, as though to insure the passage of light into the interior (Kroll), which moves farther away still from Loos’ strict separation, and flips the proportions of the white façade and ribbon windows in Villa Savoye by lending the windows ‘the upper hand’ over the façade’s whiteness. Richard Neutra is considered one of the giants in Modern International Style not in return for his abiding by Le Corbusier’s principles, but rather because Lovell House is a pioneer in the use of a steel structure usually utilized in skyscrapers. This…show more content…
Design Culture teaches us that good design is one which is functional and directly pertaining to man’s needs, be they industrial, residential, or artistic. The exhibition thus purely and effortlessly evokes the premature genius of Modern International Style: the ability of these Architects to view beyond the constraints of the common taste for ornament, which obtains from poor understanding of good design. Ornament having absolutely no function strips design of its beauty, exposing man to the vulnerability of his limitations in the waste of space and the insignificant layering of ornament that circulates around absent function. International Style is criticized for being devoid of context, and depriving us of cultural identity. But we are erroneous in our criticism, for we restrict our identity to layers of insignificant ornamentation instead of recognizing our functional potential starting with the raw beauty of elegant materials (concrete, glass,

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