The Impact Of Eco-Tourism And The Environment

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Eco-tourism is defined as a way to protect, preserve and not to change unity of the ecosystem with tourism. Eco-tourism also lets people to travel to natural areas and know well about the history of the place and more of the environment. Besides that, it aims to construct economic chances that can preserve the natural environment and all the useful resources advantages to the people (Dasenbrock 2001). There are several issues that is related to eco-tourism that creates a sensation throughout the country these years. For example, there was a research that was carried out in June-August 1996 that involved a survey of visitors at Dinghushan Biosphere Reserve, China. This discussion included some of the issues that rise from strains. The findings…show more content…
According to Jagyasi (2014), eco-tourism activities do not involve harmful actions that may threaten the environment. This is because eco-tourism only involves the showing of places and beauty of nature to the tourist or visitors from different regions without destroying the consistency of the environment. Eco-tourism does not involve massive cutting down of trees and construct a building rather than preserves the environment. Moreover, nature and the wildlife can be conserved (Jagyasi 2014). Besides, preservation of the surrounding environment does not require resources to be wasted. For example, eco-tourism does not need logging and constructions that would eventually effect the environment negatively. Eco-tourism is not only capable of preserving the ecosystem and the environment, but it also brings a great experience and unforgettable memories to the…show more content…
According to Jagyasi (2014), this is because eco-tourism will lead to the disturbance of the wildlife. Most of the tourist are not trustable eco-tourist. For example, there are a lot of tourist who visit the places with bad behaviors and that disrupts the nature wildlife. For example, to fulfil most of the people’s wishes, the demands and the actions for more and more such as taking pictures with the animals and feeding the animals when most of the tourist are not allowed to do so may cause inconvenience to the animals and the animals may feel really uncomfortable with it. Most of the peoples do not realize the actions and the mistakes done and that may causes migration to the wildlife and to the environment. Nevertheless, this is a weak argument and it is irrelevant because it does not affect much on the environment. This is because eco-tourism sites have rules and regulations. Furthermore, people who disobeyed will be

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