Case Study: Honda Siel Cars India Ltd.

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AREER EPISODE -2 CE 1.1.1 DATES AND DURATION The time for completion of the project was 8 weeks ie.May 2010 to June 2010, including understanding the entire assembly of cars at the manufacturing facility of Honda Siel Cars India Ltd and finding a suitable project in a highly automated company like HONDA and completing the project in a stipulated time. CE 1.1.2 GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION Greater Noida CE 1.1.3 Name Of The Institution Honda Siel Cars India Ltd CE 1.2 BACKGROUND CE1.2.1 Nature of Project As per the curriculum adopted by National Institute of Technology , Rourkela,; every individual pursuing Bachelors degree in any stream has to undergo mandatory Industrial exposure of 2 months after the end of 6th semester and before the starting…show more content…
As proper guidance was available with me so it was my responsibility to understand each and every aspect of the project within a given time and start off with its experimental design, specimen fabrication, collecting the relevant technical facts,planning project report preparation, problem analysis, optimization etc is concerned. Also I have to ensure at different stages that our requirements are meeting to the requirement of the…show more content…
Currently it is 232 mm, which has to be modified to 40 mm so that required manual force reduces to approximately half. With this modification torquing specification of torque wrench is also to be modified Manual force required with previous method= 200/23.2 ~ 8.5 N Manually torque required with previous method= 180*3 = 540 kgfcm Manually torque require with new tool = 180 *3=540 Kgfcm Manual force require with new tool= 540/40 ~ 14 N According to operational standards of oil pressure switch installation it is checked visually on next station, but its torquing standard is never checked. So this saved 8 seconds can be utilized as a check point for oil pressure switch. After tightening of switch it can be checked by specific torque wrench for click sound i.e. quality check of its torquing Either this time can be utilized as check point for engine no. punched. After tightening of switch, engine no. can be crosschecked visually by operator from engine card.This would reduce chances of defect and hence improve its quality standard

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