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Since the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal opened, cruise tourism has been developed rapidly. In 2017, the number of ship calls attains about 250 while passenger throughput attains 850000 (“Speech by,” 2017). Recently, World Dream launched homeport in Hong Kong. By developing cruise tourism, is there any impacts affect Hong Kong and the region? For economic aspect, Hong Kong and the region can be benefited from cruise tourism. With increasing number of cruise tourists, it brings economic benefit to the host cities. Host cities generate income from spending by cruise passengers and the crew. By shore excursion, tourists will spend on buying souvenirs or tasting local foods. Also, there are revenue from expenditures by cruise lines for port services,…show more content…
Thus, the problem of air pollution from particular places is more serious. This serious air pollution can lead to several health issues like asthma. Consequently, there is noise pollution when the cruises are sailing. Almost 70% of cruise destinations are in high biodiversity. For example, in Hong Kong, the noise produced by cruise ships’ engines, generators and propellers will affect the aquatic species like Chinese White Dolphins, so the species will become extinction (“Sustainable cruise tourism,” n.d.). Moreover, growing cruise tourism, which appeals more global travellers, can outbreak of diseases and spread out quickly like Norovirus and Legionnaires, gastroenteritis and other infectious diseases (Peter, J. 2016). Furthermore, when the host cities is going to develop cruise tourism, they require to widening and deepening the coastal channels, which can allow bigger cruise ships to go in; therefore, it will loss of natural landscape on coastal area. By stirring up the sediment on seabed, it will pressure on marine life that is close to the cruise

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