Arrow Point Pestle Analysis

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PESTLE Analysis for Arrow Point Nature Resort An analysis of a company’s environment of business reveals how factors around you can affect your operations. At the macro -economic level we will focus on the forces and institutions outside Arrow Point that may possibly affect their performance. Here we will analyze Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental Factors. At the Micro-economic level, we will look at the direct forces that are considered to have immediate impacts on Arrow Point’s decisions and actions. These factors include Competitors or new entrants into the market, Public Pressure Groups, Customers (both internal and external), and the business’s suppliers. Political Factors • National development Strategy,…show more content…
• National support from the government, this is done through innovative creation and airing of video commercials to showcase Tourism attractions on regional airlines. • Guyana’s political environment is considered stable with the exception of occasional Protests. Economic Factors Economic factors affect the purchasing power of potential customers and the company’s individual offerings. • Guyana has been reported by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as the best performing economy in the Caribbean. Guyana’s economy has been growing since 2006, considering that this growth is taking place in the context of a global recession. Projections indicate that this growth is likely to continue well beyond 2014. • Guyana has been able to sustain growth against a global economy in rebound and sustained recovery has not been so evident on both the regional and international levels. Many Caribbean countries continue to face very severe economic challenges mainly because of their limited opportunities for…show more content…
• Benefits under the national insurance and social security act. • Payments by friendly society or similar body or trade union. • Payments by way of pension or gratuity. Environmental Factor • Guyana is being marketed as a Nature Based tourism product, so this factor would help to boost Arrowpoint visitors arrival because they offer nature and eco tourism as their main attraction. • Santa Mission which is offered day tours to the village, attract day trippers and in turn the tour guides can mentioned Arrowpoint as an resort to the day trippers to gain the experiences of being in an tranquil environment an at that same time satisfying their nature lover wants and needs. Opportunities • The tourism sector is given priority placement in the National Development Strategy of Guyana. • National support from the government, through marketing and branding. • Increase visitor arrival. • Stable economic and political environment. • Technology makes marketing Arrowpoint simple and

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