Essay On How To Reduce Carbon Footprint

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 Discuss with examples how you could reduce your carbon footprint? A carbon footprint is a measure of the impact our activities have on the environment. It calculates all the greenhouse gases we are expected to produce in all our activities and measures them in units of carbon dioxide (BBC, 2001). Carbon paper footprint is a powerful tool to understand the impact of personal doings on global thaw. There are many ways in which to reduce the carbon emission CO2. Ways in which to reduce my carbon footprint includes the following: 1) Cars are not only a slow way to get to work or school, getting people from A to B using buses, bikes and on foot is much more greenhouse friendly, and often significantly cheaper. The issue with public transport is that because not enough people use it, there are not enough ventures by government to improve the quality of service and capacity to support large volumes of commuters. The transition to a new transport system has to start with each day and every one of us. 2) Driving - choose alternative modes of deportation, when possible, walkway more rather than driving or ride a bike in order to avoid carbon expelling completely. Carpooling and public…show more content…
Going there is more challenging because it more CO2 is emitted if performed by plane. Furthermore, tourists should opt for a green travel, use public transfers and avoid hiring cars or cabs to get around. Alternatively use bikes or bicycles as these are healthy and has a low impact on the environment. Additionally tourists can also choose the greenest ways to move around while staying at a particular holiday destination. For example utilizing alternative modes of transportation like walking, horse. It’s more sustainable and healthier as well as enjoyable way to get to know the places they

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