Disadvantages Of Bazaars

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CHAPTER 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Key Partners Our key partners are the ones who are also involved to successfully put up our business: • Parents, they are the primary financers of the business • The house of Ms. Olavere, it will serve as the storage for our bags. • Friends, they help us to promote the business by liking our social media accounts. • Supplier of raw materials, they help us by giving discounts when buy materials in bulk. • Manufacturer of our bags (Ate Elsi), we can trust her by making quality bags and finishing it on time. Bazaar organizers they can give us a good spot when we submit a form on time. Key Activities Our key activities are Promotion on Facebook and Instagram and joining bazaars. These can help our business to be more…show more content…
Our main product is the trio bag. The problems that it solves are the dilemma that our target market are currently facing and these are: what bag to choose to match their outfit and a bag that will help them organize their things easily. Parvani’s trio bag has the solution for it because of its classic design, being able to match any style or outfit and being able to turn a sling bag to a clutch bag. Parvani’s trio bag consists of 3 pouches which can help the users of that product to organize his or her things…show more content…
Through bazaar events, we are delivering our value proposition on the spot to the customer. Our value proposition is producing classic and multi-purpose bags. In social media, they can view our products and order online anytime they want at their most convenient time. That is why they prefer this channel the most. Another way where our customers can evaluate our bags are through reviews of other customers who already bought our bag, and this is the most cost efficient because there’s no rent in selling online. In direct selling we sell to our friends on the spot and this is the channel that we won’t frequently use because it is difficult to arrange the time of meet

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