Tourism In South Florida Essay

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You walk down Miami Beach, Fl seeing millions of curious people walking down and taking pictures of the smallest insignificant things to you but very captivating things to them. They touch, smell, capture Florida’s tropical environment. Every day, workers are constructing nonstop with enormous signs saying “NEW HOTEL” which depicts the amount of tourism this commercial city is gaining. But one question does present itself. How does the ecosystem get impacted by all these tourists? There are consecutive signs that tourism has indeed affected Florida’s ecosystem. Such as mass amount of physical impacts, changes in economy and in the marine life. Many people visit Florida for its wonderful warm weather, beautiful parks, exquisite beaches and…show more content…
People go on expeditions which they are required to bring water bottles, backpacks, anything they will need to stay hydrated and healthy on the long trip. They leave behind their garbage, also their camping equipment. As supported by an article “Such practices degrade the environment with all the detritus typical of the developed world, in remote areas that have few garbage collection or disposal facilities. Some trails in the Peruvian Andes and in Nepal frequently visited by tourists have been nicknamed “Coca-Cola trail” and Toilet paper trail” (Environmental Impacts of…show more content…
They have created laws and named national parks protecting while letting the public enjoy its natural wonders. Such examples are the Florida Everglades National Park, which is a World Heritage Site and International Biosphere Reserve. It is one of Florida’s most important eco-attractions. (Ecological Tourism in Florida) They also teach the public the power of saving rare species and conserving their environment. Also, there are laws that protect animals from hunting in their mating season. If the laws are broken, necessary disciplinary actions are taken. This helps minimize the killings of protected species. As for damage in marine life, to reduce and manage recreational facilities, they reduce the level of use at certain sites. (Tourism and Recreational

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