The Hunger Games Book Themes

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In Suzanne Collins novel The Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen is forced to leave District 12, and her beloved family behind to continue her fight for survival in the annual hunger games arena. Although for a different reason Katniss and Peeta her only companion from District 12 are sent to the intimidating Capitol with numerous fears, but upon their arrival they are amazed by all its aspects. They then remember why they are there and realize that their journey has only begun. Along their journey to the Capitol the author uses various themes like power, identity, love, and countless others to make the feelings, and images possible for the reader to imagine and understand. One of the many themes that is present throughout this novel is power(Shmoop). Not only does Katniss live in a world where the form of government being the Capitol has total control of her district and the rest of Panem, but has power of every aspect of their lives(Shmoop). The Capitol also has all of Panem's wealth and is able to do what they want with it(Shmoop). This is where the hunger games come into the picture. The games is…show more content…
Even though the novel does not come right out and show the reader that this theme strongly exists it is underlying through the whole book. The tributes now all temporarily live in the arena to fight for their lives and the Country's people get to watch. It is quite similar to reality T.V. because the daily struggles and what is going on in the tributes lives is televised throughout Panem as they fight to the death to win(Shmoop). This means the Hunger Games has a sense of reality for many of the country's people, most of them being the poor districts because it most likely able to happen to them(Shmoop). For the Capitol's people it is still reality because the series of events in the arena actually happens, but it is not as real to them because they will never have to fight for their
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