The Hunger Games And Koushun Takami's Battle Royale

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How much can one author “borrow” from another without it becoming plagiarism? Is that the case between Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games and Koushun Takami’s Battle Royale? Both stories show parallels when it comes to plot, environment, the reasons that the children are pitted against one another, etc. The list of comparisons between the two could go on and on. Although a close analysis of Takami’s Battle Royale and Collins’s The Hunger Games illustrate their surprising number of similarities, Collins should not be accused of plagiarizing Battle Royale. On the contrary, she brings her own uniqueness to differentiate The Hunger Games from the many stories that explore the consequences of forcing children to fight to the death as a form of rebellion prevention.…show more content…
A junior high school class goes on a “study trip.” On the study trip, they are gassed and wake up in a classroom on an isolated island. They have metal collars around their necks that serve as tracking and listening devices. The collars will explode if the student enters the Forbidden Zone or all of the collars will detonate it no one is killed in 24 hours’ time. They are then issued survival packs that contain a random weapon or tool and are sent out one by one. The Forbidden Zone shrinks the battlefield, forcing the children to move around and get closer to one another. In the end, only 4 students remain and the antagonist remain. Only two students are able to survive until the end and they become fugitives in the

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