Compare And Contrast Twilight And The Hunger Games

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What does a book about a strong female protagonist forced to fight in a battle to the death have in common with a book about a girl struggling to decide which boy she loves more? They're both written for a teenage audience. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is a series about Katniss Everdeen a young girl who volunteers to compete in the Hunger Games, a vicious battle to the death set up by the corrupted government, in order to save her sister. Twilight by Stephanie Myers is about a girl who moves to a new town and meets two boys, a vampire and a werewolf, and her epic journey as she picks the one whom she loves most. The Hunger Games, however, is a better book for teens than Twilight because it’s more relatable proven by the arguments of…show more content…
Gale and Katniss are two characters who become corrupted, while Peeta does not. It’s shocking to see the difference between Katniss at the begging of the series and at the end. She changes so much as a person, as a fighter and as a leader. Bella, on the other hand is a relatively flat character. Not only this but she’s weak as well. Katniss is much more impressive whether one is looking at her as a role model or a fictional character. At one point in Mockingjay Gale says, in what he thinks is a private conversation with Peeta, “Katniss will pick whoever she can’t survive without” to which Katniss replies “At the moment, the choice would be simple. I can survive just fine without either of them” (Collins 149-150). Unlike Bella Katniss doesn’t need a man in her life to survive. She does that perfectly on her own. Like Bella all the characters in Twilight are flat an uninteresting. They’re what you could call textbook character. They’re typical, overdone and practically nonexistent in real life. Jacob is an attractive bad boy, Edward is a mysterious perfect guy with a secret past and Bella is the troubled protagonist who has to choose between the two of them. Yet one can’t even begin to properly describe the characters of the Hunger Games in such few words. There’s too much depth to each character. They all have more to them than originally meets the eye. The complexity of the characters makes it more likely for the reader to be able to relate to them. Each has an intricate backstory that leaves the reader satisfied, yet still

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