Summary Of John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men Summary: Here I hold my evidence of quotes of the whereabouts on Lennie. My first evidence starts off with George telling Lennie that his troubles with mice is that he’s always killing them. He then makes a suggestion that his first chance that he gets he will give him a pup and maybe he wouldn’t kill it. Also if Lennie were to get into any trouble to remember where they’d slept last night and George will come for him, this goes for my second evidence. My third evidence is that Lennie got in trouble in the beginning back in weed from a woman in a red dress. This story goes, that Lennie wanted to touch and feel on her dress and she screams, because he wouldn’t let go so George had to sock him over the head with a fence picket to let go. My fourth evidence explains when Lennie was given a pup as George promised he would whenever he first gets his hands on and towards the end of the story Lennie killed his pup just like the mice he’s killed…show more content…
My last evidence is my fifth which explains how Curley’s wife lets Lennie touch and feel her hair ,he says and I quote ,”oh that’s nice, ”so then he proceeded by stroking harder an she then cried angrily, ”you stop it now,” she jerked her head to escape but like George says and I quote,” the girl lets out squawk and that gets Lennie all mixed up and he holds on cause that’s all he can think to do.” So as I was saying about Curley’s wife ,she tried to escape Lennie’s hand but Lennie wouldn’t let her go, because that’s all he can think to do so he closed his fingers over her mouth and nose until she was still for

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