Peeta's Life Exposed In Catching Fire By Suzanne Collins

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Catching Fire is an intense, exciting and suspenseful story written by Suzanne Collins. The book is the continuation of The Hunger Games and serves as a bridge to the events on the third book of the trilogy. Catching Fire keeps telling the story of Katniss Everdeen and how, after her triumph on the 74th Hunger Games, she has to go back to her home in the District 12 and try to live her old life as before the Games. But between her family not depending anymore on her to survive, her conflicted emotions towards her best friend Gale and her “lover” Peeta, the psychological traumas product of her time in the Games, and the constant scrutiny of the Capitol; Katniss doesn’t know who she is anymore. On top of all that, the trick that saved hers and Peeta’s, life; was seen as a sign…show more content…
In Catching Fire, she is a seventeen year old girl and former Hunger Games victor from the District 12. She has tan skin, dark hair and grey eyes. Katniss family are her younger sister Prim, her mother and her sister’s cat Buttercup; after Katniss’ time on the Games she understands how important it is to get along with her family so she tries to reconnect with her mother whom she resented. Even though some aspects of Katniss personality change after the Hunger Games, she still conserves many of the traits that characterized her since the first book; she is stubborn, moody, independent and loyal. While Katniss acts more mature than her age might suggest, she is still a teenager and deals with teenager emotions. Her best friend Gale as well as her co-victor, Peeta are both in love with her, and Katniss does not known if she has the same feelings for any of them. At the beginning of the book Katniss is full of self-loathing and does not know what to do with her future, but when the plot advances and she matures, she comes to terms with her some of her inner monsters and realizes that there are bigger things that she wants to fight

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