Does The Government Have Too Much Power In The Hunger Games

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In many dystopian books the government takes a lot of power and pride in their city/town, sometimes a little too much. In Freakling the protagonist, Taemon, struggles through always fighting with his brother to become the true son. But, he doesn’t realize the government is crumbling and after him . Hunger Games is a book where the government thinks they can do whatever they want, such as putting a blood bath live on television. Katniss, the main character, says that her government has too much competence and gratification and tries to prove them wrong by commencing a rebellion. In both books Freakling and Hunger Games, when their governments consume too much power there are consequences, sometimes for good and sometimes for evil. One of the many common themes is having too much power leads to bad…show more content…
In Hunger Games, Katniss tries to show the government that they can’t control her. Almost everyday she goes out with Gale, her friend, into the woods outside of her district to catch food for her indigent family. This is very brave of her because she goes somewhere it is illegal to go just to feed her family. Also, when she does this she is proving to the government that they can’t control her life like she is a puppet. This is like what happens in Freakling when Taemon is not suppose to leave the village just like in Hunger Games but Taemon did it just to save his dad that the other village kidnapped. Just like in Hunger Games the protagonists were just trying to save their families by not sticking to the governments rules. Another similarity between these two books is when the government tries to take them down because the government is over-confident of their

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