Hunger Games: Dictatorship

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The Hunger Games is one of the perfect adventure movies; it describes the differences between Capitol and Districts. Amazingly, The Hunger Games is available in a novel version which provides the full story about the whole systems about the games. “I was so obsessed with this book, The Hunger Games is amazing”, said Stephenie Meyer, who is the author of the Twilight Saga mentioned about “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins (Collins, 2008). In The Hunger Games, There are plenty of themes in The Hunger Games, but one of the various themes in The Hunger Games that has been rising up in the novel is power. Power has played a big role and clearly present in the novel. The Hunger Games has shown that the government system controls anything in The…show more content…
The districts in Panem are totally controlled by a totalitarian or government’s dictatorship power. In the districts, Panem keeps using the Peacekeepers to watch on people in districts all over the time. They combined police officers and military to retain every single possibility that might come up in the districts. Definitely, they would not allow any privacy for the districts and people to have a power, sphere the influence to fight with the government or even talking about how rude the government systems are. It is clearly explain that the main characters of The Hunger Games, Katniss has tried to break the rule by hunting the animals such as birds, deer and rabbits and carry a weapon in the prohibited area or line. People who live in the districts are not granted to bring and use their own weapon. If they are carrying a weapon that endangers the government, they will be counted as rebels who try to against and screw the government system. The government also fully restricted the people in the districts to speak up about the problem in The Hunger Games. Moreover, with these situations in the districts, they still have and try to face their own problems because the government will not help them to solve their problems. On the contrary, people who live in Capitol are very rich and live without any shortages. While people in the districts working hard to solve the problems, people in Capitol are enjoying their luxury live and party without
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