Chapter Summary: The Hunger Games By Katniss By Suzanne Collins

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1. The author uses many different settings so far to gather the reader into the staying interested. In the beginning of the book Katniss started of in the woods hunting, “But instead I sit, as motionless as the rock beneath me, while the dawn begins to lighten the woods” (Collins 3). There wasn’t too many settings in the first couple paragraphs. Katniss and Peeta go to all the different districts for the Victory tour “ I wonder if Effie will still be wearing that silly pink wig, or if she'll be sporting some other unnatural color especially for the Victory Tour” (Collins 3). Those where the main settings in the first couple paragraphs. 2. In catching fire the author has many characters in the book to really draw the reader in, and to have different personalities and traits in the book. There’s Katniss who is this brave and outgoing girl that we see in…show more content…
The theme so far that i'm catching up with is Government power, The Government has a lot of authority over all the districts, Thus the hunger games. The only reason the Hunger games still remains is because of the Government. “Speak, Miss Everdeen. Him I can easily kill off if we don't come to a happy resolution,” he says. “You aren't doing him a favor by disappearing into the woods with him…show more content…
Another theme in the story could be Never let fame get in the way of where you came from. And I think Katniss shows this very well in the story . After the hunger games and after Katniss got all her wealth and fame. She still goes hunting every sunday and she still has time to visit her old home and feed her sisters cat.” I let him in, feed him a chunk of beaver fat, and even rub him between the ears for a bit (Collins 4). And even though katniss isn’t too fond of the new house she still goes back and to her old one. “But at present, they're both happily installed in the new house in the Victor's Village, and I'm the only one who uses the squat little place where I was raised. To me, it's my real home (Collins

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