Essay On Strength Of Reading

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I am not just a reader, I am an admirer. I am an honest reader who reads what brings pleasure and inspiration. I usually read books, to boost my mood up and for the purpose of entertaining. I mostly go for books that discuss some deep issues that can be related to my life. Also, I find reading as a way to view different thoughts from distinct preferences. My strength in reading is never getting tired of it, especially, when reading an interesting book. Other strength is my ability to observe the themes and the moral lessons presented in any book and comparing them to my personal opinions or society. Besides that, I find enjoyment by discussing the events and characters by comparing and contrasting. One of my weaknesses, if it could be considered…show more content…
Katniss’s charisma, made the reader admire her. She showed up to be the powerful one who is not waiting for anyone’s help like in any other story, where the females are usually the weak ones. Also, the whole story highlights the theme that life is unfair. My second favorite book is “The fault in Our Stars” by John Green. It holds down to earth realistic characters. It’s a young romance love story, with a breathtaking end. I think John Green was so unique by introducing a love story that includes teenagers diagnosed with cancer, which readers don’t usually see. The book present some important themes and life lessons. John Green mixes the heavy and light hearted moments very well, while the reader can go with ups and downs. I think the book focuses on appreciating the warm hearting moments, characters share with their loved ones. The book carry humor, wisdom and love that are might be missing from books with such amazing themes. After reading The Fault in Our Stars, I felt the need to give attention to the idea of existence and conciseness, and I was emotionally invested in the characters and their
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