The Hunger Games And Katniss Influence On Society

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When one thinks of someone who rebels against a government and creates an influence on a society, people normally don’t think of teenage girls. In The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Katniss Everdeen is seen as a leader throughout her districts in the future United States, Panem. She never gave up and kept fighting for all of Panem, even through all the losses and traumatic events that took place. In contrast, in Divergent by Veronica Roth Tris Prior is not the leader of her society but she is a well-known enemy towards her government leaders. Even though they aren’t balanced on dominance, Tris and Katniss both represent teenagers who begin their life as normal citizens into rebels that help their society for the better by dealing with war,…show more content…
Katniss still had many nightmares months after her first Hunger Games. All she could ever think about was the death of her friend during the Games, Rue, and the people she had to kill for her own survival. When she found out that she had to participate in the 75th Hunger Games, she was horrified and started running to the forest for tranquility because she couldn’t believe she had to go back. Her sadness and anger is shown when she arrives in a little house in the woods and says, “I’m cold and wet and winded, but my escape attempt has done nothing to subdue the hysteria rising up inside me.” (Collins, 174) After the 75th Hunger Games she was even more distressed and crazy. She felt very distraught and angry when she realized that her mentor lied to her about the planning of the destruction of the Games and how the Capitol captured Peeta, her teammate and best friend. After going through more warfare, dealing with Peeta’s mindwarp and witnessing the horrific death of her sister, Katniss was not Katniss Everdeen anymore. Her mind is now unstable and had all the conditions of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Tris didn’t kill as many people as Katniss had to, but she still had much experience in warfare. Tris felt guilty for the longest time after killing her best friend’s boyfriend while he was under the serum. Even though he never meant to propose a threat to her she still felt awful. It became a worse situation when her friend didn’t talk to her for some time after finding out. She had also seen both her parent’s deaths in front of her own eyes. They both sacrificed their lives for hers during the attack simulation. After dealing with the deaths of her family and close friends around her, she was not as innocent and became more

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