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Alex Avery is a Keeper, in the Fallen Star series. His father is living, but his mother isn’t. He has a sister named Aislin and he is madly in love with Gemma Lucas. The main character of the story is Gemma. She and Alex are soul mates. Throughout the series, they meet up with Aislin, a witch, and Laylen, a vampire, and together they go on some pretty wild adventures. Alex is a very caring character, though he may not seem like it at first. He would do absolutely anything for the girl he loves, Gemma. This characteristic is indirect, because no one ever says that Alex is caring, he just shows it. Alex shows that he is caring when he leaves Gemma, to keep her safe. Also, when Alex battles different creatures to rescue or save Gemma,…show more content…
He stands up to anything in his way. This is indirect characterization, because throughout the story, you have to realize for yourself that he is courageous. It doesn’t straight out tell you. You infer through his actions, that he is courageous. One example is when he has to go to the City of Crystal to fulfil a promise. He willingly goes, without complaint, even if it resulted in a near death experience. The last characteristic is witty. Alex is witty, because he is very fast on his feet and skillful. He thinks and analyzes very quickly. This characteristic is both indirect and direct. This is because, in the story, his soulmate Gemma says multiple times that he takes action quickly, with very smooth and intelligent moves. One example is when he was in a battle with a death walker, he dodged many swings and he even dodged something called ‘the Kiss of Death’. This is mostly because he is a Keeper, though. Alex is a dynamic character. Throughout the story, he opens up more, especially to Gemma. He starts out as the cocky, stuck-up, new kid. He's really rude to Gemma, but by the end, he would do anything for her. Another example of how he changes is at the beginning, he is completely loyal to his father. As the story progresses, he learns more and more about his father. By the end, he has a strong dislike for his

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