Social Realism In British Horror Films

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Social realism has sprung up the notion that is a style of film making which should be trying to attempt to change society or at least aspects within society as a result in this it creates a re-enactment of the working class how it is portraying life and struggles as the audience view and interact within their everyday life socially, however some films in British cinema do create a fantasised look at life for example Gurinder Chadhas Bend it Like Beckham (2002) and Stephen Frears My Beautiful Launderette (1985) Although in social realism and looking at realistic views it gives the audience a good connection to their own lives in which they can portray themselves in these struggles and make an attempt of recognition with the plot giving people…show more content…
This style of filming also has its social realist elements with its raw style of shooting and gritty locations also the fact that majority has unknown actors to bring in a more realism effect for the audience. British Horror film are not quite social realist films but do have similar aesthetics which starts the argument that social realist is the core theme to British cinema and what is recognisable as its own form of cinema. However British horror plays a big part in British cinema it does shine light on present issues. Taking the audience into consideration British horror sways to the British audience unlike Hollywood Horror films which stretch to the vast public internationally again bringing the realist element. This method also helps with the finance of the film keeping the money to a minimum and allowing the producer to seize control of spending when things got out of hand. A good example of this is Danny Boyles 28 weeks later (2002) throughout the film although not social realism still has the style and aesthetics that Social realist films hold. During the film you see many dark abandoned location sites and the gritty camera style all relates back to social realism which in fact tell us that social realism spreads to multiple genres and helps portray a better viewing for the realists in the

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