Social Psychological Aspects In The Hunger Games, By Gary Ross

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In director Gary Ross movie “The Hunger Games” (2012) showed many examples of aspects within social psychology. Aspects within the film such as kin selection and Misattribution of arousal are behaviors and feelings that everyone within the film dealt with and also happens within the real world. There were philosophies and intersections that were presented from each characters perspective and judgments of people that not only showed more depth into the characters’ lives but their connection to them. It also showed characteristics on how kin selection, can have negative and positive outcomes and how misattribution of arousal can happen as well as positive and negative effects. In one touching scene, Katniss volunteers to replace her younger sister who is the one originally selected as the female tribute from one of the…show more content…
In one scene, Katniss and Peeta are clustered in a cave in which they are terrified and hiding for their lives. At first their relationship is full of drama and negativity but as the movie progresses they began to have an established love connection in order to survive. This shows gain a sense of control and clarity in understanding their own bodily signals as well as finding a potential relationship even though at first theirs no commonality within the individuals. This also shows the arousal; cost-reward model in which people respond to emergency like situations by resorting into acting the most effective and how to decrease the arousal of surprise and distress. They also gained diffusion of responsibility for one another in which they both needed each other mentally and physically. This showed within everyday life that people should first get to know one another before making assumptions based upon social norms as well as not gaining a egotistic way of thinking one is beneath

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