The Hunger Games By Louis Althusser

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May the odds be never in your favor Films, both past and present, have proven time and time again as a true manifestation of societies ideology in which the film conveys a meaning to their target audience. In the cinematic production of The Hunger Games, Ideological State Apparatuses and Repressive State Apparatuses, a theory introduced by Louis Althusser, a French Marxist philosopher, is clearly used to challenge the issues of multicultural diversity of class and is presented to the audience whether the audience realizes it or not. Louis Althusser coined the terms, Ideological State Apparatus and the Repressive State Apparatus, in response to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels theory of ideology as a false consciousness. Althusser redefines…show more content…
In contrast, a RSA functions through repression with the use of violence, usually with the help of a government agency. RSAs include “the government, the administration, the army, the police, the prisons, etc.” (Althusser) For instance, the unnecessarily extreme displays of force by the “peacekeepers” during the District 11 rebellion scene after the deathe of Rue is an example of a RSA. The peacekeepers used high-pressured water hoses and military grade like weapons to fight against the people they supposedly are suppose to protect. Secondly, an RSA acts through ideology as well but more as a secondary…show more content…
Interpellation works hand in hand with the ISAs in which they both contribute as instruments in repressing the lower class system in believing the ideals their government has constructed for them since the moment they were born. For instance, Katniss has lived through her life being controlled and afraid of the Panem government so naturally, in order to avoid persecution, she has abided by the rules of her government for the sake of the safety of both herself and her family. Also, the Panem government uses the games to desensitize their people to murder. Panem’s intentions are to eliminate any preconceived idea of violence as a negative connotation and transform the idea of murder into a normative and ethical concept. In one scene of The Hunger Games, Haymitch is seen glancing at a family from the Capitol. The father gives his son a sword as a gift and the son then pretends to attack and kill his sister. The family laughs and finds nothing wrong with this notion of clear violence whereas Haymitch shakes his head in disgust. The habituated culture of Panem is a clear example of a successful ISA’s influence on a society. Tributes are taught to “participate” in the games without questioning the immorality the games are built upon. The media in the film also play a part in masking the

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