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ENG 112- The Hunger Game Discussion Questions Shon, Sung-Woo 1) Discuss the juxtaposition between the capitol and the districts; what differences do you notice? Why are these differences significant to the story? People in the capitol live in a society with developed technologies and sufficient materials. On the other hand, at the same time, districts were dominated by the capitol. People in the districts live tough lives, and they do not have basic human rights. For instance, they are forced to attend the hunger games, which is life-threatening games. On the other hand, people of the capitol see the games as a just TV show. For the people of The Capitol, The Hunger game is the entertainment show and the method of maintaining their power.…show more content…
What does it undermine, or what is subversive about it? In the movie, the capitol uses the terrorism, and the rules of the capitol are absolute and unchangeable. If the people of the districts do not follow the rules, they cannot be survived. On the other hand, because of popular sentiment, the game maker needed to modify the rules of the hunger game, and the hunger game represent the power of the capitol. Because of the modification of the game, people of the districts may know that the rules and the power of the capitol are not absolute, and actually rules are changeable. 9) There seem to be several moments demonstrating humanity juxtaposed with images of cruelty. What affect does this have on you, as the viewer? What do you take away from these images? It shows the duplicity of the human. In the movie, people who participate the hunger game behaved cruelly. They have killed other participants for their survival, and some of the participants actually enjoy killing. On the other hand, when the people who were familiar with some participants were killed, participants were distraught by their death. At the same time, contradictory, some participants tried to kill other participants as avenging the death of their…show more content…
In the movie, even though the capitol and the districts are belonged to the same nation, their livings are significantly different. People of the Capitol can use the developed technologies, and they are free from care. On the other hand, people in the districts are starving, and they are forced to participate the hunger game. The gap between rich and poor actually start by birth. In the movie, people of the Capitol do not need to participate the hunger game. At the same time, differences are also made among the districts. Some participants from affluent districts had started training when they were young. On the other hand, most of participants from poor districts cannot prepare the game. Like the movie, even though America is considered as the one of the powerful nation in the world, numerous people in the nation are suffering from the hardships of life. Although America is one of the highest developed country, numerous people are suffering from poverties and illness. At the same time, today’s society is a highly competitive society. Like movie, most of people in modern times are forced to play “Hunger Games.” In order to success in the society, people need to defeat other people and need to live in tension. They need to show their abilities in short period of times in order to get better positions, which are better jobs or better schools. On the other hand, most of people do not have chances to win the game. Like hunger game in

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