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The video presented introduces a company that is often applauded for its proactive social responsibility. Founded in 1978 by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, Ben & Jerry’s operates on a three part mission statement-making the world’s best ice-cream, supporting progressive social causes and sharing the company’s success with all its stakeholders [1]. The core concept of the mission statement is exemplified throughout the video commercial. The ad opens with imagery depicting the cheerful and satisfied stakeholders i.e. employees, management, customers, suppliers and community. The three-part mission statement is also seen on display and discussed on multiple occasions in the ad reinforcing the core beliefs of the company. The ad indirectly describes…show more content…
The first stakeholders we see in the ad are the company’s employees. Throughout the ad, we see a sense of belonging and family values within the employees. The company believes in constantly improving working conditions for its employees. By paying their employees double the federal minimum wage [2], Ben & Jerry’s proves that by valuing your employees and the work that they do for you, will in turn impact the employee and company’s performance over time. The ad also contains excerpts from the company’s management level executives like Jostein Solheim and Jeff Furman reiterating the alignment of values between the company and its employees. Another set of stakeholders that are introduced in the ad is the customers. Customers are what generate the revenue for the company and the ad is reflective of Ben & Jerry’s commitment to create world-class ice cream for its happy customers. However, the company wouldn’t be able to make the best ice cream without sourcing the best ingredients from its suppliers. We learn that all of the ingredients used in making Ben & Jerry’s ice cream are fully Fairtrade Certified. By using only Fairtrade Certified ingredients, the company supports the economic justice movement and understands its importance in peace building and

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