Hunger Games Movie Leadership Essay

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The Hunger Games was an instant favorite when it hit theaters in 2012. Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth starred in the post-apocalyptic adventure, directed by Gary Ross. Although the film was typically type casted as a drama or a thriller, I believe it underscored the characteristics that define the overall quality of a leader. The Hunger Games showed us what happens to society under poor leadership, how a leader gains power and influence, and the importance of mentors in developing a leader. The Capitol’s poor leadership created a weak foundation that had no choice but to crumble. They utilized a forcing approach to handle conflict, which did little to facilitate cooperation. Without the cooperation and support of the citizens, a rebellion was sure to occur. The citizens despised the Capitol and blamed all of their hardships on it. When Katniss arose as a leader and challenged the Capitol, the citizens quickly rushed to her side because they had no loyalty to the capitol. This means that as a leader, you should solve conflict by compromise or collaboration if…show more content…
We talked in class several times about the importance of having a vision and I also addressed it in my engineer interview, both of which emphasized that a vision is crucial to good leadership. Katniss gave the citizens hope and an obtainable picture of a better tomorrow. Katniss also had no interest in political position or power; her motivations were pure. Naturally, the people followed Katniss with unwavering loyalty. Katniss also broke the barrier that divided the districts when she mourned the death of a girl that was not from her district. The people noticed that her compassion was not just for the people in her own district, but for everyone in Panem. In short, in order to gain credibility and power, a good leader must have a vision coupled with honest intentions and good

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