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In the novel, The Giver, by Lois Lowry, Jonas left the community, he had no idea where he was going, and no idea if his plan would actually work. He was going to go to “Elsewhere” and release all of the memories to the people in his community, which is very dangerous, but for the greater good. Even though there might be bad side effects that come with his decision, ultimately, I think that Jonas made the right choice. The whole point of Jonas’s running away was to somehow get the memories back to the people in the community. This is a very important goal, as Jonas needs to let people know the truth about life, and let them experience greater feelings and things like love, war, and color. If that mission can be accomplished, then it can grant…show more content…
Gabriel, a Newchild, was going to be released, or rather, executed, very soon. Due to this problem, Jonas had been forced to leave early, in order to save Gabriel from certain death, as Jonas thinks, “And Gabriel? For Gabriel there would be no life at all. So there had not really been a choice.” (174). Jonas had saved a life with his decision, and that is just another reason why he made the right choice. Although Jonas had saved Gabriel from imminent death, there are other hazards on the long journey to “Elsewhere”. The meager supply of food that Jonas brought with him would definitely not be enough to sustain both Gabriel and himself for the whole trip. This alone will make them extremely susceptible to starvation and death, not to mention the effects of the weather, now that they are out of the community and “Climate Control”. Although all of these things are hanging around Jonas, Jonas did the right thing, because he saved Gabriel from death, and now the New child has a chance to survive. If Jonas had left Gabriel to die, then his fate would have been decided. Now, at least, he has hope of living through the

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