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Calvin Townsend PL: 104 Ethics and Personal Identity Dr. David Stosur The Giver Analysis How does one come to a practical understanding of him self? Jonas comes to an understanding of who he is through the struggles he faces with his family, friends, and the Giver. He struggles with the idea of love, and his keen sense and knowledge of this comes becomes a major issue. Much of these values that he has been taught for much of his young adult life. This result of his confusion is that he nearly convinces himself that sprawling families and the presence of grandparents are less practical and that’s worse than temporary but utilitarian family units with a special center for the elderly. Further evidence of the…show more content…
(Engaging Philosophy, Pg. 69). This is saying how much you maximize the subjective utility. Jonas displayed these characteristic in the giver. He begins with a cinematic effect to see the colors. The first color he see is the color red. The red flower, the red apple and the color red in the girls hair. In order to be happy he stops taking his pills. Now realizing that the utilitarianism of his community involves the emotionless and imperfect newborn by lethal injection. Euthanasia, which is another class topic we discuss. Example, when Jonas views the release of an infant on video screen, it is when he realizes for the first time that "release" means death. Release of the elderly, those whom repeatedly broken the law it meant death as…show more content…
Euthanasia can be voluntary, meaning that the person has requested his or her own death, or involuntary, meaning that the person has not explicitly requested death. Euthanasia can also be active or passive. Active euthanasia involves taking deliberate action, such as giving drugs, to cause death. Passive euthanasia takes place when someone is allowed to die by withdrawing life-sustaining treatment. If you look at Greek mythology, you can see that the views of Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato favored euthanasia but only under certain conditions. As time moves on we start to have organized religion flourished. Euthanasia was viewed morally and ethically wrong as was condemned by various religion group like: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. These religions consider human life to be sacred and relevant. Because of these deplorable things, Jonas defies the elders and cause a teen rebellion in the causes of memory, family bonds, human dignity and authentic emotion. This now leaves him to his newly found freedom which he was seeking to fulfilled in a willing act of sacrifice when he left his

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