The Giver Literary Analysis

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Each and every book ever written carries a deeper meaning than what is plainly stated. It’s an overall theme or a main idea; something that the author wants to communicate to their readers. Many might think that The Giver is just a book which there is a futuristic society where everything is different than what most people are raised up to, but in reality there are many hidden themes and messages between those lines. Such themes and messages include the value of being yourself or different from others, the true meaning of home, family, and love, and that sometimes going against common beliefs or rules set by the government might just be for the greater good. These themes, the subjects on being yourself, the real meaning of home, family, and love, and going against common beliefs, are all stated within The Giver, and it is clearly shown between the lines. Clothes, hair style, speech; these are all examples of the many ways everyone expresses themselves…show more content…
Well, not exactly. In The Giver there are dwellings, and family units. This is a place where the word “love” doesn’t really exist in the English language anymore. As Jonas learns more about what things were like in the past, he realizes the true meaning of home, family, and what love is. “... “I was thinking, I mean feeling, actually, that it was kind of nice, then. And that I wish we could be that way, and that you could be my grandparent. The family in the memory just seemed a little more--” … “A little more complete,” The Giver suggested” (126). When the water boils down, it doesn’t all come to having parents and siblings that makes a family, Jonas sees that it is love that makes a family unit, and it is love that makes a ‘Dwelling’ turn into a home. Again, the truth behind home, family and love is another one of the deeper meanings discussed in The Giver and with a closer look it is almost painfully

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