The Giver By Lois Lowry: Summary

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Lea Vilna- Santos Mrs. English, 7th September 1st, 2015 The Giver, by: Lois Lowry Log 6: Chapters 11-12: Question 5: In chapters 11-12, Jonas starts receiving memories from the Giver and discovers new things that are amazing to him, but then wonders why their community doesn’t have these things. It started with the memory of riding a sled in the snow and the sunshine. After having such a wonderful experience he asked the Giver why he can’t share those feelings and experiences with the rest of the community. The Giver explained that the Creators went to Sameness. The snow made growing crops harder during the winter so the Creators took control of the climate. The hills are an inconvenience for trucks to transport people and things, so they changed that…show more content…
Now that he has those memories, he feels like he couldn’t imagine his life without them. While he starts seeing the color red in his daily life his wisdom comes too. This time again Jonas asked why others were unable to “see beyond”. The Giver says that their people made a choice that gave them control of certain things but they had to let go of others. I think they might have made it better in some ways but what they had to do to make life a little safer was let go of so many things that made life great. I feel like he is getting closer and closer to wanting to do something about it. Jonas is right: I wouldn’t give up color, snow, a sled, hills, etc… for better crops and to prevent jealousy or rudeness. But it’s not about one person, it’s about everyone and what’s better for everyone. But I haven’t lived the way he has so I have no idea what it’s like. So, in all I feel like Jonas is becoming more and more wise which shows signs of coming of age from seeing and experiencing all the memories the Giver has given him so far. He is getting closer to realizing how wrong it is to do what the Creators

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