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Introduction The Complete Green Letters is a series of short chapters written by Miles J. Stanford that express certain facets to spiritual growth in the Christian life. Zondervan Publishing House published this work in 1975. The book is meant to form a holistic collection of chapters aiming to be a catalyst of learning ways to spiritual growth. He begins the first chapter with a statement summarizing his book; “The aim of this book is to carefully bring out some of the more important principles of spiritual growth, to help the reader build on a sound biblical foundation in Christ.” Stanford’s work leans toward the conclusion that spiritual growth is achieved by a realization of the Christian's place in-Christ. The five overarching sections…show more content…
By going back to the life of the first man named Adam, the reader is able to see the condition in which the human race is born and the remedy found in the cross. In part four, titled “The Realization of Growth,” the author demonstrates what it means to grow as a Christian. The truths mentioned by Stanford are backed by Paul’s teachings, primarily in Romans. According to the author, “For faith to function, there must be Spirit-given knowledge of the Word.” Finally, part five titled, “A Guide to Spiritual Growth” challenges the reader to “keep looking down.” This contrary idea to modern thinking is done to give people a proper perspective of self in relationship to Christ. The proper posture to Christ is humility. Humility comes from death to self. Spiritual progress, according to the author, comes through the “bankruptcy of self and the acknowledgement of the riches of Christ.”…show more content…
The formational structure is such that a section can be read independently of the others and the reader can still reap the benefits while not having read the previous or subsequent sections. This allows the reader to read at a slow pace and doesn’t require constant focus like a traditional book's formatting. During the fast paced lifestyle of today's culture, this book can be read in sections, pieces, or even 10-minute increments. Information can then be applied in small doses and in non-overwhelming fashion. Analysis can happen in shorter time and application can be more beneficial. With 71 short chapters, The Complete Green Letters can be read more in a devotional format where there is a chapter or area of focus for each day. The only risk in approaching the format in such a way is that the reader can read small portions or read them so far apart that they do not see how they interact with each other. A median line must be found so the reader can reach a well rounded, and inclusive of all Stanford’s chapters, spiritual growth pattern. The chapters are very short in length, but include very impactful information. Being short in length, does not equate to being short in content in Stanford’s writing. Heavy topics are covered in each chapter that will surely aid in helping the reader to be more Christlike, despite a slightly disjointed

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