Case Study Of Breakeven Hoydon

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CHARTS Page Market Segment: Age Distribution 10 Market Segment: Gender Distribution 11 Market Segment: Student’s Allowance per week 11 Competitor’s Analyses: Price and Quality Differentiation 17 TABLES Page Market Segment: Customer Profiles 10 Quality, Distribution and Price Expectations 14 Competitor’s 4 Ps 18 Expected Demand: Market Demand 20 Expected Demand: Market Shares 20 Expected Demand: Potential Target Market and Respondents 20 Enterprise Delivery System: Input, Throughput and Output 22 Cost Drivers 24 Financial Prospects: Pro-Forma Income Statement 26 Financial Prospects: Pro-Forma Balance Sheet 27 Financial Prospects: Pro-Forma Operating Expense 28 Financial Prospects: Pro-Forma Cash Flow Statement 28 Financial Prospects: Breakeven…show more content…
The whole concept of HORYZON is to serve a newly introduced beverage to the urban market. Epitomizing the consumption of decaffeinated drinks, that which yields numerous beneficiary effects towards the functioning and growth of ones’ body. HORYZON’s main pride and glory is “Rice Coffee”. It is traditionally known among the provinces and was mainly used as an alternative for coffee. Eventually creating the norm that children have intakes of the said drink, instead of actual coffee, being that it does not direct harmful effects to children of very young ages who cannot handle the impact of…show more content…
Majority of which were female and had an allowance of between 500PhP to roughly 3,000PhP per week. HORYZON’s product profile from the rice coffee is for every 250 mL bottle, there contains 1 cup of roasted rice extract, 125 mL of milk, and 2 teaspoons of sweetener. This mixture is priced at 80PhP per 250 mL bottle. As for the Key Result Area, it will help the company compete with their competitors using a thorough Quality check of their ingredients. The company will ensure to their customers that they will be checking their ingredients to guarantee that the final product is good and secure with its health benefits as well as having strict sanitary control as the organization is a beverage manufacturing company. Since the company’s primary marketing plan is to provide their customers a product with a lot of health benefits, it is strictly forbidden to just use soiled equipment and

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