The Four Functions Of Small Business Management

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Nowadays, small business has increased dramatically in the world. Also, small business task to increase the income and reduce an unemployment in the community. Management of Small business is made through the planning, organizing, directing and controlling. These four functions are essential in the organization. It helps them to achieve their goals. Also, achieving these goals through the material physical and human resources. In my report, I will talk about the functions of small business management which are made through planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Planning is the first administrative functionality and basic.They occupied upon which other functions .planning is the process that preceded the…show more content…
Organizing is a tool by which to implement the policies and administrative procedures in the management of any small business. Additional, the organization is to integrate human and material resources process. Organizing process involves several steps. First, determine the activities necessary to accomplish the goals. In this steps prepare a list of tasks to be performed, starting businesses that related several time and the end of the one that accomplished. Second, mandate work and authorities. In these steps, the directors have given power to the rest of heads, because everyone can accomplish his work. Finally, appoint qualified individuals jobs suitable for them. Organizing gain for implementation small business many benefits. First, the proper distribution of posts available to each employee, without that there will be some sort of personal influence on them when the distribution of posts. Second, repetition makes doing business in the assigned staff. Third, given administrative work for each individual based on his experience, qualification and competence of the study. Finally, specifies the relationship between employees within the organization. (Organizing Function of Management,…show more content…
Also, directing is the guidance of superiors during the carrying out of work in order to achieve the goals of the organization. The process of routing is after the completion of the drafting of the organization and regulation, after the role of the process of direct people towards achieving organizational goals. Directing process involves several steps. First, giving orders. This is the most important directing operation, they are assisted on the effectiveness of functional activity. Furthermore, orders must be reasonable, clear and integrated in term of quality, time, place and the version to be written. Second, connecting these steps through the date and information is transferred from one party to another in a clear and understandable way. Finally, coordinating, this step is for the management to coordinate between all departments in the organizations and ensures coherence. Directing gain for implementation small business many benefits. First, knowledgeable staff work that they do will. Second, they are doing business on the time. Finally, ensure the safety of the application laid plans. (Directing function of management,

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