Est Ephrem Makhlouf Case Study

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4 I- Introduction: My internship at NDU was at EST Ephrem Makhlouf, specialized in special building materials and waterproofing products. Since 2007, Est Ephrem Makhlouf has provided a wide range of quality products for use in all areas of construction & a wide range of innovative specialty construction chemicals and materials that includes: spacers, PVC water stops, tie rods, clips, chamfers, concrete admixtures and fibers, products for architectural concrete, cement additives, masonry products, plaster products, tiling products, air and vapor barriers, roofing polyurethanes, door and deck flashings, structural waterproofing systems, sound and heat protection products. Through the commitment, dedication and hard work of its management, the company has…show more content…
Regional Appeal: Frem Makhlouf Company is one of the best companies in the region 2. Customer service is very successful 3. Strong economy of scale 4. Big product line 5. Innovative products b) Weaknesses: 1. High cost of machinery 2. Best quality service costs more 10  Development of leadership skills Leaders at Frem makhlouf Company are naturally trained by long years of experience, and the managers are chosen by considering mainly the market expertise, and the ability to develop the functions in which they will work.  Ethics Ethical business activities govern all the business of Frem Makhlouf Company, and these ethical practices are the main drivers to obtain better results in the mind of people and in the conception of what is needed in the market. This company can teach others in the ethical practices. 11 3. Macro Environment  International Markets Status and Conditions Opportunities: 1. Big Market 2. The huge number of wealthy people resident in the nearby region 3. The increase in this market 4. The increasing in the need of a place that contain all what customers need for their everyday use in affordable prices 5. Increasing mobility of people Threats: 1. Tough Competition in this

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