Advantages Of Using Crossword Puzzl

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Using Crossword Puzzles As a Learning Tool For decades games have been used as a tool for teachers to help students of all age groups learn. Teachers use games in their classrooms because it can make studying more enjoyable. Students seem to be more engaged and motivated to participate in class when games are involved. Furthermore, it is said that it helps students in their cognitive development instead of them simply memorizing material. There are different types of games teachers use, and for different reasons, to help their students. For example, history teachers like using role-playing while math teachers like using Jeopardy style games. Students prefer hands on learning, which is one of the many reasons that games in classrooms aren’t going anywhere. The crossword…show more content…
Teachers can download class related puzzles from directories online or they can create their own curriculum-based ones using free online tools. Teachers often make conscious efforts to keep classroom requirements such as textbooks and novels to a minimum, so they use crossword puzzles as an alternative to certain texts. Second Language Teaching For decades crosswords have been used to teach students a second language. However, when teaching a second language, teachers generally use a modified version of the crossword puzzle. In this version the clues are not written, they are illustrated. This way the student has to identify the object, remember its name, and know how to spell it. Moreover, if the student has difficulty, he or she can use a bilingual dictionary for help. Another way teachers use crosswords for second languages is by asking to students to complete the puzzle using a specific verb tense. In this case, the list of clues is verbs with some indication as to what tense is required. Students can use a verb book to assist them if they’re having difficulties. Encouraging Group

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