Retrofit Case Study

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PART 3 – EVALUATION OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP OPPORTUNITY If we were offered the opportunity to join the venture as one of the Envirofit key members, we would absolutely implement and evaluate the short term and long term strategies of the venture. Because, if the retrofit kit has a lot of potentials to make significant changes towards the environment particularly in Philippine and other third-world countries with the right plans and implementations on track, we would accept and pursue the offer. However, from what we have read, it all sounds like a great deal yet it needs a lot of works and double efforts to assure this retrofit kit would pay off in the long run. Before we say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for such opportunity, we need to investigate through SWOT…show more content…
Meaning to say, they should focus on investing their time and mechanical engineering skills to develop an advanced retrofit kit prototype based on the core technology by Orbital Engine Corporation into an existing engine rather than designing new which is very costly. Not just that, they may need to develop a close rapport with the patent-holder of the core technology in order to make this retrofit kit product commercialization success in the green technology market. The meaning of success, in this case, is to gain market acceptance by Philippine consumers’ at large such as marking each of the retrofitted vehicles with a distinguishing symbol for the local people to recognize it as an Envirofit vehicle. Since many potential investors’ interests were not perfectly aligned with their entrepreneurial venture objectives at the first place, the Envirofit team should put a huge effort in order to have a self-keeping revenue stream to finance their prototype. To gain a self-keeping revenue stream is by investing their fulltime job salary they earned at the CSU University. Apart from that, they need to force themselves to commit with time spent on creating the retrofit kit prototype for TODA Rally demonstration. If TODA accepts the prototype, they could provide them a maintenance and installation training soon after the prototype is launched and commercialized as a green technology product at a large scale. They could encourage team recruitment to help them realize the

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