The Enculturation Process

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Likewise, human beings belongs to the Primate Order, which is known to consist mainly of apes, monkey and lemurs. These primates all share a similar evolutionary process as well as they all possess a characteristic present in humans, that is the enculturation process. For example, Koko the gorilla was taught sign language from an early age through exposition and nurture, resulting in mastering it perfectly. Hence, if primates are able to adapt and change to its culture, how is the enculturation process of human beings? I based the research on my own enculturation process having been exposed to two different cultures, in order to perceive, how nurture and nature affects and correlates with ones personality, culture and language proficiency.…show more content…
Moreover, the most important features taken into consideration is talking and interacting with other society. Exploring this specific field of nurture, it made me aware within my enculturation process the following; language. The area of language is broad, not only in the spoken language but also through gesture, body, sign, written, art and many more. Within this variety of languages, acquiring an unfamiliar one takes time and ones will to learn. It is evident, having observed through my own experience, the younger people acquire linguistic ability faster than when trying to learn in adulthood. For instance, I was exposed to 3 different languages; english, spanish, and korean; as I had the opportunity to attend an international british school. Attending a British School, I had to learn not just the british culture but also the language and their unique gesture. At first, due to my shy nature and lack of confidence, expressing myself was difficult and was once considered mute. Nevertheless, through gestures I was still able to deliver my message to the others. Through this experience, expressing abstract ideas in conversations, demonstrated the infinite capacity of communicating. Also, this basic observations identifies the innate capabilities present within one self, earlier on in life; in other words since birth. Universally, crying symbolizes hurt, sadness as well as hunger; so…show more content…
One must understand the difference between acquisition of a range of different languages and the proficiency in which it is used. Learning a new language can be relatively simple, however being proficient in them is the complete opposite. This is precisely why, people learning many languages early in childhood sometimes can’t be proficiently dominant in all them; an example is my own case. When incorporating a foreign language to our vocabulary system at a early age, we start to acquire new languages faster, but such activity can also lead to jumbling the informations together. By analyzing my language acquisition process, nurture took a great influence in it, because when being present in a foreign country with everything unfamiliar, the first step we tend to take to adapt is interact with someone similar on age and gender. So, when interacting, the language used by the counterpart is not professional as they are also young and in the process of learning their own ethnic culture and

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