Tsogo Sun Case Study

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Research Topic The effectiveness of Human Resources in two different casinos within the same group, namely Tsogo Sun, by assessing and comparing their efficiency, similarities and differences. Literature Review[1][2][3] Human resources is very simply, the people that work within an organisation or its workforce. The purpose of the Human Resource function in a business is to recruit, select and appoint employees to work in the business. They are also responsible for keeping the employees satisfied and productive and resolving grievances. The scope of Human Resource Management refers to the activities that follow:[5] Facilitation is a tool used to help employees gage what they want to achieve and how to achieve these goals as well as giving…show more content…
Career pathing involves understanding what knowledge, skills, personal characteristics, and experience are required for an employee to progress his or her career laterally, or through access to promotions and / or departmental transfers. Chain of command[13] Chain of command describes the way in which organizations, including the military, religious institutions, corporations, government entities, and universities, traditionally structure their reporting relationships. When every employee reports to one other employee, decisions and communication are tightly controlled and flow down the chain of command through the organization. This hierarchical method for organizing information flow, decision making, power and authority, assumes that each level of the organization is subordinate to the level to which it reports. The further up the chain of command your job is located, the more power, authority, and usually responsibility, you have. Command and control are intrinsic in the chain of command within organizations. Discretionary…show more content…
Our coaching program and Management Development Programmes for our People places us on the map and continues to give us leverage as a learning organisation overall. The organisation is committed to lifelong learning and continuous professional development Salary Administration How are salaries determined in your business? (By level of responsibility, decision-making power,level in the organisational structure etc.) Decision making power, how technical is your j ob and relevant experience as well as qualifications. Which salary method do you use and why? (Salary plus benefits or Cost-to-Company) Depending on a level Salary plus benefits for junior employees and cost to company for management. Other factors Do you prefer promoting internally to externally and why? We prefer promoting internal and within the Group as casino industry is different. How efficient is your succession planning and how often have you seen it come into

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