Trobriand Islanders Case Study

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Trobriand Islanders, Crow, Marriage, Matrilineal, & Kinship Trobriand Islanders, a vast group of people that are located in the island of Kiriwina, bordered by the smaller islands of Kitava, Vakuta and Kaileuna. Trobriand society, however reaches beyond these tiny islands and since 1975 they have been part of the nation-state of Papua New Guinea. Throughout this culture kinship is important. Kinship is the whole and based two concepts that are exemplified by two stages in pregnancy. For example, “when Sara, an unmarried young women, became pregnant, the role that her lover played in her pregnancy was not given public acknowledgement. Their relationship could not be discussed openly because recognition of her lover’s role would make it necessary…show more content…
For example, the Trobriand traditions or ways of focus throughout their society. One focus is language, and everyone throughout one island population speaks many different versions of one language. Throughout the many different languages they used idioms. Idioms are defined as morphs with culturally added meaning. Idioms are very often used in our culture. For example, an idioms in our culture would be “jump the gun” means one would be doing something early. An example of an idiom throughout the Trobriand islanders society would be, “can I ride your bicycle” and that means “can I sleep with you”. There are also common sounds that are in words that the Trobrianders speak. These are called phonemes, characteristics of particular languages. In this case they are sounds. For example, consonants sound like /b/, /d/, /g/, /h/ ect. And their vowel sounds are /a/, /e/, /i/ /o/, and /u/. Throughout their culture infants and toddlers are trained to speak within the same language rules as their elders. Infants/Toddlers are defined as the culturally prescribed time when one learns their cultures skills. For example they learn language, basic survival and more as growing into more a adolescent human. Adolescents is the learning the more advanced skills throughout one's culture. As children grow into adolescents the villagers will watch over them and help show them true

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