The Effects Of Communication: The Consequences Of Verbal Communication

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Verbal communication is an exchange between two persons with a symbolic language that can leads to miscommunication, misunderstanding, and disappointment in one another. People use verbal communication in their daily life as a normal communication language. When a person tries to explain a concept to someone, it will always turn out of miscommunication: “misperceiving the thoughts, feelings, or beliefs expressed in another’s verbal communication,” the receiver would have interpreted it in different way as when you use the term “you” in the sentence. There are many ways that things can be interpreted wrong and inappropriate, cause to one another getting upset or insecure about oneself. For an instant, one of my close friends named Manny, he was one of the smartest and hardworking student in the class due to his communication skills with other students and professor. Manny was intelligent, but he hated when peopled continuously asked him for the answer, he would try to help, but he got frustrated easily. I remember, in psychology class, I was one of the less intelligent students, who was hardworking, as welled, but it…show more content…
The word “you” represent “places the focus of attention and blame on other people,” Manny was directly pointing the blamed on me. Because Manny was already frustrated at peopled keep asking him for the answer before I did, his anger builded up. When I asked, that’s when he couldn’t take it anymore. In my mind, I was being a little salty, I said “I wanted you to help me to get the answer, not getting the answer from you”. I was insecure for asking Manny to help for along amounted of time. Our relationship was not as good as they used to be because Manny used the word “you” to directly pointed the blame at me. Instead, of saying, “Sorry, but I am busy right now, can I just go back to you later,” Manny decided to yell and making me felt bad about
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